Webinar (Recorded)

Best New Products of 2020: PervasID’s Flow Ranger and Printronix Auto ID’s T6000e RFID printer

Speaker: Sabesan Sithamparanathan, Founder and CEO PervasID; Chris Brown, RFID Subject Matter Expert Printronix Auto ID Chris Brown is an AIDC industry veteran

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The PervasID Flow Ranger is a highly accurate, directional passive UHF RFID reader system with zero accuracy drop-off and with speeds of up to 400 tags per second. It is the world’s only bi-directional flow, passive portal system capable of reading densely packed passive RFID tags with better than 99 percent accuracy, while simultaneously providing high flow rate information for both directions of travel information. This is the result of a breakthrough patented innovation using virtual RF boundaries with confinement. The product has been described as a real game changer!

Printronix Auto ID’s T6000e RFID printer combines on-metal and standard smart label capabilities in a single printer. This enterprise-level, industrial RFID printer is designed for high-volume RFID label printing and encoding, but it’s unique in that it is uses a patented dual-antenna construction for optimal encoding of either on-metal or standard smart labels. This makes it ideal for tagging assets or products that require both conventional and on-metal tags. It also has an RFID Auto-Calibration feature that automatically determines proper RFID power levels, inlay position, correct antenna and specific encoding algorithm to use, all for optimal performance while printing and encoding.


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