Webinar (Recorded)

Best New RFID Products of 2020: METRC’s Wearable Passive UHF Reader and EM Microelectronic’s em|echo-V Dual-Frequency Chip

Dilek Dagdelen Uysal, Vice President, R&D METRC; Karl Hill, Head of Business Development, USA & Canada EM Microelectronic US Inc; Paul Muller, RFID Business Unit Manager EM Microelectronic US

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METRC’s new compact and lightweight wearable UHF RFID reader provides a hands-free operation to automatically scan RFID tagged items as the user is handling them. Worn on the wrist, reading can be triggered by a unique sensor or run continuously to eliminate any disruption to the users’ regular data-capture workflow. EM Micro’s em|echo-V combines   NFC and passive UHF RFID in a single chip, creating a powerful, all-in-one tool for supply chain management, consumer engagement, and product authentication. Tags made with the chip will enable brands and retailers to offer their customers a holistic omnichannel experience, allowing them not only to purchase products anytime and anywhere, but also to interact with them throughout their lifecycle.


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