Webinar (Recorded)

Refining Workflows with RFID: WIP Tracking for Manufacturing

Speaker: Brandee Howe, Account Manager, Radley Corporation.

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As manufacturing operations restart and face the "new normal," productivity and cost control are more important than ever. Radley Corporation will share how RFID-powered work-in-process tracking can reduce waste, eliminate errors and ensure quality control throughout your manufacturing process. For more than 40 years, companies around the world have sought out Radley’s expertise to optimize workflows and increase productivity. Radley provides a complete RFID solution that is ideal for tracking WIP and providing detailed visibility into production status, so you can easily manage and process key data. RFID solutions are much more than installing hardware—without software, you’re simply reading tag data, not using it. Learn how middleware processes and filters key data to truly maximize on your RFID investment.


workflows, WIP tracking, Manufacturing