Webinar (Recorded)

Best New RFID Products of 2020: RF Controls’ CS-490 Smart Antenna and Times-7’s Packing Station

Speaker: Adrian Turchet, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development RF Controls; Speaker: Jos Kunnen, Managing Director and CEO Times-7

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In the third of RFID Journal’s series of Webinars on the Best new Product of 2020, RF Controls will discuss its CS-490 Smart Antenna which doubles the read distance of the company’s previous antenna (which as the Best New Product of 2019) from 45 feet to 90 feet. The CS-490 Smart Antenna features a single all-in-one Steerable Phased Array + Passive RTLS RFID Reader.

Times-7 will explain the benefits of its Packing Station, a small, lightweight reading station designed for packing and shipment verification in e-commerce businesses across all industries. The Packing Station works with any four-port passive UHF RFID reader. It costs less and takes up less space than a tunnel and reads up to 1,000 tags densely packed in less than 2 seconds within a controlled environment.


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