Webinar (Recorded)

How radio-itag Prints and Encode Individual RFID Tags at Multi-lane Speed

Speaker: Jochen Renfordt, Managing director and co-founder, Radiotag

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When it comes to source tagging, printing and encoding labels at the production sites of retail goods is essential. A flexible and fast system for individual RFID label publishing is required to fulfill the demand of factories. Learn how radiotag, with the cooperation of Voyantic, created a multi-lane RTU that allows for quick production changes of label sizes without tools and with almost no setup waste. Corrupted labels are marked, and a RFID label recovery allows labels to be republished. The radiotag RFID Label Publishing System is built for low to high-volume production at low cost per label. Hear how the company is able to produce labels with a TCO publishing cost of about EUR 0,0015 per label.


radio-itag, tags, encode