Webinar (Recorded)

Return to Work! RFID & IoT Solutions to Protect the Workforce

Jennifer Arndt, Global Zebra Alliance Manager, IBM; John Rommel  Director of Sales, RFID Global Solution; Diana Hage, Chief Executive Officer RFID Global Solution; Brian Docherty, IBM

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Learn which technologies can be deployed in the workplace to help companies deal with the changes impacting their business as a result of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 virus has had an unprecedented impact on businesses in multiple markets. Firms of all sizes will need to deal with a variety of new issues. Altered supply chains, a decentralized workforce, and providing safe and healthy employee workspaces are just a few of the new challenges. Retailers must deal with the logistical implications of a sudden increase in e-commerce. Manufacturers and labs must handle the volume with increased worker restrictions. In all, new and dramatic changes are coming.

RFID and IoT technologies can be the answer for many of these issues. The ability to automatically identify and track items through the supply chain, manufacturing, transport and delivery processes, while minimizing physical handling and improving process efficiency will be vital. These same technologies can also be used to promote social distancing, contact tracing, and protect the health and safety of people working in these environments. Choosing a partner who can help you develop resiliency and adaptability is key to the viability of your business.


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