Webinar (Recorded)

Best New Products of 2020: Fujitsu Textile Tag

Speaker: Tony Fonk, President and CEO SpotSee; Jan Van Niekerk, VP of Engineering and Innovation, SpotSee; Tyson Stuelpe, VP of Global Sales, SpotSee

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RFID Journal is launching a series of webinars to highlight the Best New Product finalists of 2020. Each webinar will feature two products, chosen as award finalists. The first products featured is SpotSee’s ShockWatch, which combines the benefits of impact indication with the inventory tracking of RFID technology. This go/no-go device indicates if products have been mishandled during transit or in storage. It has the features of a standard passive UHFRFID tag, while also containing a visual indication and an electronic indication, communicating that damage may have occurred when the tag is read by an RFID reader.


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